Customers and society

The electricity network is part of the society’s most integral infrastructure. The reliability of electricity distribution has great significance for our customers as well as for business life, associations and the authorities.

Our clientele

In terms of customer figures, Caruna is Finland’s largest company concentrated on the distribution of electricity. Caruna Oy is responsible for electricity distribution in the north, south and southwest of Finland, Satakunta and Ostrobothnia. Caruna Espoo Oy supplies electricity to Joensuu and Espoo as well as Kirkkonummi and Kauniainen.

Our clientele has grown steadily since 2007. This growth has been affected by, among other things, urbanisation and the location of our network area in areas of pronounced net migration.

Development of customer totals

  • Caruna
  • Caruna Espoo

Amount of electricity distribution on a customer segment basis in 2014* Caruna Espoo

Amount of electricity distribution on a customer segment basis in 2014* Caruna Oy

*Electricity distribution amounts in 2015 based on types of customers will be completed after the reporting date.

Serving customers

We want to respond to customer expectations and above all ensure the disturbance-free supply of electricity.

We want to respond to customer expectations and above all ensure the disturbance-free supply of electricity. We are improving and developing our electricity network continuously so that it accommodates the requirements of the modern community and its future needs. As a result of this, customers can, for example, generate the electricity they need themselves and sell the surplus through our network. We also want to ensure quick and competent service, clear invoicing, reporting of electrical consumption and notification concerning outages.

We further developed the service for our electricity distribution customers by establishing a customer service division at Caruna (previously outsourced) in May 2015. Our service specialists, who are specialised in electricity distribution business operations, can best respond to the needs of electricity distribution customers in particular. We improved the customer experience by updating our web services directed at customers, such as our web pages for energy monitoring use, through which our customers can examine their electricity consumption and, if needed, change their consumption habits. Caruna serves its customers in the case of electricity distribution disturbances 24 hours a day.

We measure customer satisfaction regularly. Our NPS (Net Promoter Score) measurement focused in 2015 on quality inspection pertaining to work orders connected with customer-based networks. The NPS for 2015 was 15.2 per cent. In addition, we participated in the joint customer satisfaction survey in the field. We also carried out an image study last year as well as a materiality analysis in the most pivotal interest groups as the basis of Caruna’s corporate responsibility.

We will continue NPS research in the future as well. We developed an inquiry at the end of 2015 to more extensively cover all contact made with our customer service division in the future, so that we will be able to obtain more comprehensive results.

Non-discrimination of customers

The terms and conditions of network services as well as electricity distribution prices must be fair to all network users.

The terms and conditions of network services as well as electricity distribution prices must be fair and non-discriminatory to all network users. The terms and conditions of our network services are based on the general provisions approved by the authorities. The prices, terms and conditions for our network services can be found on our website.

We are safeguarding on our part the prerequisites for well-functioning electricity markets by treating retailers and other market partners equally. Our personnel have been trained to take the requirements into account in the handling of matters pertaining to customer service and data processing.

We report to the Energy Authority annually in the form of a description of our customers’ non-discrimination. We supplied the 2014 report by the deadline in May 2015 and also published it on our website. The report concerning the year 2015 will be ready no later than 31 May 2016.

No formal complaints or critical remarks have been made to the Energy Authority regarding distribution pricing in recent years. A few complaints are made annually with regard to connection sales.

Our role in society

The prerequisite for modern social operations is a reliable supply of electricity. We are an integral part of the basic Finnish infrastructure and reliability of supply. We are establishing the basic prerequisites for business life and social services as well as for the smooth day-to-day lifestyle of our customers.

We are a significant employer and investor in the basic Finnish infrastructure. A total of 270 people work for us, and our projects employ 2,000 directly and 4,000 indirectly in various parts of Finland.

Security of supply

By investing in the reliability of our electrical network, we ensure the security and continuity of supply.

As the largest distribution network operator in Finland, Caruna is considered a critical company for the security of supply. Security of supply means the ability to handle disturbances and states of crisis with a minimum amount of special arrangements and damage. We are prepared to maintain our ability to supply electricity on the current supply security level, even during a longer state of crisis. By investing in the reliability of our electrical network, we ensure the security and continuity of supply, particularly during disturbances caused by the climate.

The preparedness specific to the production, distribution and transmission of energy as well as readiness planning, is managed by the Power and District Heat Pool at Finland’s National Emergency Supply Agency. The most pivotal task of the energy economics pool is to bring about, under normal conditions, preparedness to secure the supply of the nation’s energy in an emergency. In addition, it is its task to prepare to lead and realise, during a crisis period, energy maintenance on the basis of plans formulated and tested in advance, in accordance with the assignments and mandates received from the Finnish government.

Along with the activities of the regional pools subordinate to the Power and District Heat Pool of the National Emergency Supply Agency, we are involved in regional preparedness in the ALVAR committee. In addition, we belong to, e.g., the Cooperative Working Group for Disruptions (HÄTY in Finnish) of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority and the Critical Infrastructure Disruption Control Room Cooperative Group (Krivat in Finnish).

Many of our customers are also operators classified as ‘maintenance of supply-critical’ by the authorities. We particularly ensure the supply of electricity to these customers during a period of emergency legislation.

Stakeholder cooperation

In specifying some of the most essential matters, we have identified our most important stakeholders and their expectations with regard to Caruna. The goal is open and equal interaction with all of them. We gather feedback annually from our stakeholders by means of reputation research and via regular stakeholder meetings.

Our most important stakeholders and means of stakeholder cooperation are presented in the table below:


Expectations from Caruna

Caruna’s metrics 2015


  • Development at work

  • Maintenance of well-being and work motivation

  • Kaiku personnel survey and three Pulse inquiries

  • Development discussions twice a year

  • Entire personnel: Day 2 Strategy Day

  • Positive Energy Work Week project

  • Occupational well-being plan implementation with fitness campaign, etc.


  • A professionally skilled, friendly and eager-to-serve customer service division

  • Notification in transitory and disruptive situations

  • Rapid fault correction

  • Reliable invoicing

  • Reasonable pricing

  • Establishment of a customer service division at Caruna

  • Customers’ wide-scale subscription to an outage communication service by which the customer is notified of electricity network faults via text message

  • Development of electronic service channels

  • Regular NPS measurement

  • Joint customer satisfaction measurement in the field

  • The continuous inspection of reasonable pricing with the Energy Authority

Contractors, subcontractors and partners

  • Openness and predictability of cooperation

  • Commitment to agreements

  • Development of active cooperation

  • Non-discrimination and maintenance of active markets

  • Wide-scale project entities

  • Maintenance and development of cooperation in accordance with the systematic supply management model

  • The development of product- and contract-related procedures on the basis of active cooperation

  • Compliance with and utilisation of the principles of public procurement

The authorities and decision-makers (e.g., ministries, the Energy Authority, Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, political decision-makers and municipalities)

  • Compliance with the legislation and official requirements

  • The maintenance of electricity network-based operational reliability

  • Responsible and transparent operations

  • Active interaction

  • Compliance with the legislation and official regulations and participation in their development

  • Official reporting

  • Issuing of statements for official decisions and their preparation

  • Preparation of the electricity network development plan

  • Continuous cooperation with municipal decision-makers

Industry associations and partners in the field

  • Development of the industrial sector

  • Functioning as an expert

  • Active interaction

  • Representation in industrial associations (Eurelectric, EDSO, Finnish Energy)

  • Cooperation and participation in the promotion of interests in the field

  • Functioning in committees and working groups (Eurelectric’s working groups; the Finnish Energy Network Committee; customership, network feature and regulation committee; the Fingrid Advisory Board)

Authorities (Rescue Departments, Police, National Emergency Supply Agency, Defence Forces)

  • Preparation of storm warning announcements for rescue departments

  • Transmission of direct contact information to rescue departments and to the police

  • Biannual preparation of a contingency and emergency plan for the National Emergency Supply Agency

  • Participation in stakeholder seminars and exercises

  • Delivery of preparedness notices concerning each rise in the alert level

  • Issuing of official telephone numbers to the rescue departments

  • Participation in the preparation of instruction materials intended for energy industry rescue departments

  • Delivery of a contingency and emergency plan to the National Emergency Supply Agency in 2014 and the next formulation in summer 2016

  • Participation in two emergency exercises arranged by the authorities, 12 meetings of the National Emergency Supply Agency Power and District Heat Pool / regional pools, 17 meetings of the regional preparedness committees (ALVAR), and two meetings of the Cooperative Working Group for Disruptions (HÄTY) in addition to Krivat cooperation

  • Three lectures respective to regional national defence courses


  • Raising the value of the company in a sustainable manner

  • Selected strategy implementation

  • Best management practices

  • Participation in eight Board of Directors meetings and seven committee meetings as part of standard board practices

  • Regular personal contact

  • Compliance with Caruna’s Codes of Conduct and related policies


  • Compliance with laws and official requirements

  • Compliance with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the UN Anti-Corruption Platform and Global Compact’s Ten Principles initiative

  • Preservation of strong credit classification status

  • Open communications and notifications regarding financial status

  • Half- and full-year reporting

  • Compliance certificates

  • Organisation of Code of Conduct and other internal training

  • Productivity of operations and strong cash flow maintenance

  • Regular financial reporting twice in 2015

  • The arrangement of about 30 meetings with credit rating agencies, banks and financial institutions


  • Open and proactive communications

  • Good accessibility to experts for interviews

  • Quick and easy information search

  • Answering hotline for media contacts

  • Delivery of press releases and notices of disruption

  • Publication of notifications on page

  • Arranging meetings with the media


We also meet representatives of the most important environmental organisations as well as landowners on a project-by-project basis.


Caruna is focusing its support on youth sports.

Caruna is focusing its support on youth sports. Our basic principle is to distribute positive energy throughout our network areas by means of sponsorship. At the turn of the year (2015-2016), we acted as the main Finnish partner for the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships played in Helsinki, and we encouraged youth to participate in our regional campaign for winter fitness within our network areas. Caruna was also one of Finland’s largest, internationally renowned Louna-Jukola orienteering event partners.