Caruna’s operations also have indirect economic impacts.

Caruna has 270 employees, and in 2015 Caruna also employed roughly 2,000 contractors.

Caruna has 270 employees, and in 2015 Caruna also employed roughly 2,000 contractors in various projects around Finland. In addition to that, Caruna employs indirectly 4,000 people.

Caruna follows Finnish legislation in the payment, collection, accounting, and reporting of its taxes. For Caruna, accurate and timely actions in filing tax returns and dealing with other legislator obligations is of primary importance.

The term ‘tax footprint’ refers to the income the society receives from a company’s corporate taxes and tax-like payments. In addition to direct and indirect taxes, Caruna’s tax footprint includes reports on tax withheld from employee wages and social security contributions.

 Taxes borne Income tax 366 822
Unemployment insurance premiums 680 409
Social security contributions 331 301
Tax on property 184 101
Transfer tax 20 41,255
Total taxes borne 1,581 42,888
Collected and accounted tax Value-added tax (net accounted) 42,639 29,039
Electricity tax 199,340 100,490
Withholding tax 6,180 4,215
Total taxes collected 248,159 133,744

*In 2014 Caruna Oy and Caruna Espoo Oy have been consolidated into the Caruna Group during the period 1 April – 31 December, Suomi Power Networks Sähkönsiirto et Cie SNC during 1 April – 18 June and the other companies for the whole year of 2014.

The tax footprint summary includes taxes and tax-like payments that Caruna is legally obliged to pay or collect. However, the summary does not cover taxes included in the purchase price of products or services and that Caruna is not legally required to report.