In 2015 100% of our personnel engaged in development discussions.

We wish to be a good workplace for current and future employees to grow and develop into professionals, specialists or managers in the field. It was reported* that there were 1,606 training hours, i.e., approximately 230 training days at Caruna in 2015.

Training hours in 2015*

*Due to system reforms, 15-25% of the reported training hours are missing from the assessment.

We always put safety first in all our operations and also emphasise the same in our training. During the year, other areas of priority were electrical engineering, supervisory work and management as well as information systems, which changed significantly during the year as part of the establishment of our own IT infrastructure, in addition to financial and human resources management services.

Expertise on display

We start with the orientation of employees during the recruitment process. During the interviewing stage, a supervisor interviewing the applicants explains Caruna as a potential employer with a view to career and competence development. A detailed job description helps the applicant to understand what is demanded by the work and which sorts of development possibilities it offers. This provides a strong foundation for successful orientation. 

Careful orientation and the possibility to obtain guidance and training also promote the success of employees in their work and gives them the opportunity to take the safety aspects into consideration in their work.

The Caruna Talent operational model is a crucial tool for the development of our personnel. It helps us identify important expertise and experts who are proficient at what they do. The operational model focuses on strengths and development possibilities, in addition to feedback quality and continuous interaction. As a final outcome, we obtain an overall understanding of the areas of priority in the development of know-how as well as concrete development plans, the implementation of which we monitor on a regular basis.

In the autumn of 2015 we renewed the Caruna personnel performance development model partially on the basis of the feedback received from staff. Along with the new operational model, the development discussion procedures, for example, are being completely renewed in 2016.

The working family model, which we renewed in 2015, enables equal and visible growth paths for our employees. We invest continuously in the development of supervisory work, and the cornerstone of our work community culture is to make it possible for everyone to engage actively in our work and the development of the work community.