Storms and extreme weather events have increased in number, and our digitalised society is increasingly more dependent on energy supply. As the largest electricity distributor in Finland, Caruna has a network some 79,000 km in size, which it maintains and develops in order to meet the requirements of its customers and society.

We invest approximately MEUR 200 into our network every year. Our investments are guided by the target level of the reliability of supply outlined in the legislation, the network’s age profiles, and growth that is mainly achieved through new network connections and advancements in society’s basic infrastructure, among other things.

Factors guiding our investments

The amendment to the Electricity Market Act that came into effect in 2013 emphasises the reliability of supply above all. Following interruptions caused by strong storms or heavy snowfall, it must be possible to restore the supply of electricity within six hours in urban or suburban areas and within 36 hours in rural areas.

We make investments related to the reliability of supply in the order of their customer impact; prioritising those that benefit our customers the most. Customer impact is composed of the quantity of distributed electricity and customer density. Our efficient network improvement programme started from suburban areas, but its focus is presently moving toward rural areas. We aim to reach the targets specified in the legislation by the year 2028.

Goals for the reliability of supply defined in the Electricity Market Act

Caruna’s Asset Management unit is in charge of managing the network assets and its principles. The management of assets is guided by network building and maintenance principles and the network development plan submitted to the Energy Authority every two years.